Healing Haiti Elder Care Sponsorships


Become a Monthly Sponsor!    $20/month Basic Care Sponsorship   $20/month Medical Sponsorship   $20/month Meals on Wheels Sponsorship

Although life can be difficult and lonely for elderly, it is even more so for the elderly of Haiti who may have outlived their children and have no one to care for them. They are truly the “forgotten ones.”
The average mortality rate in Haiti is about 52 years of age, which is partially due to the lack of basic food, water, sanitation and human contact for the aged. The ElderCare Program of Healing Haiti supports 26 elderly in the village of Titanyen north of Port-au-Prince. Your sponsorship provides nutritious food, clean water, medical care, loving support, and so much more. You can change the life of an elder today by becoming a monthly sponsor.  If you have questions or concerns regarding elderly sponsorship, please contact the sponsorship team at hhsponsorship@gmail.com.  

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"Jesus answered and said to them, You give them something to eat"
~Mark 6:37"